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I'm Tiffany, I like homestuck, snk, free!, dongan ronpa, and a few other animes/comics/mangas, I play roller derby, I sometimes do shitty cosplays and I am in the process of perfecting my background
I'm pretty damn happy

Okay, so even though I’m not really playing for travel team right now (school and such) I am definitely going to go watch and if you have never seen roller derby, adults or brats, this sort of event is the best to start at.  

It’s a cool sport, with cool people playing, the ages of people playing for the brat’s teams vary between 17 and about 8-ish. The derby brats have been around since 2006, started by a small group of teenage girls with moms who played for TRD(adult league). Roller derby is a great outlet for unwanted anger, a great stress relief, and is just seriously fun to play or watch. So yeah, y’all should come and cheer on the tucson derby brats! Or any of the other teams, because everyone should get a shout out, amiright?